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Frilled Sharks, Carnivorous Fish and Killer Lakes

Yazar: Admin, 5-01-2014, 01:29
Less than forty eight hours from now we'll be saying adieu to 2013 and welcoming the New Year into town. Maybe 2014 will be the year that those seals crowding the Chatham beaches figure out a way to co-exist with the great white sharks that have made the Chatham area a way station on their pelagic travels. It's pretty certain local striped bass populations are rooting for the sharks because these voracious seals have been feasting on the stripers over the years and that's a less than pleasing situation for Cape anglers who would just as soon see the seals thinned out a bit.

Wrapping Up 2013

Yazar: Admin, 5-01-2014, 01:26
Well, another year in the books and I'm left wondering where did the time go? It seems like just a few weeks ago I was waiting for the fall run and now I'm already thinking of warmer temps and next season's first spring striped bass. Sure, I've had my fun with the local chain pickerel and state-stocked rainbow trout, but it's just not the same. With skim ice becoming more common each day, it's likely even my freshwater fishing opportunities are numbered. I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter!

Central North Shore

Yazar: Admin, 5-01-2014, 01:18
On Saturday around 3 decided to scout a local Smithtown area pond. Warmer weather has knocked out most of the ice, the area I wanted to fish actually cleared by the time it was time to leave. Not a bite.

CODHEADS catch COD for New Years - on the Blue Fin IV

Yazar: Admin, 5-01-2014, 01:15
Keith, Gary, and three other Codheads headed far Southeast of Block in the face of another deceptively scary weather forecast. Five of the first 10 fish in the boat were Jumbo Porgies - we made Hiro's day already!

Conditions were good for drifting which produced a pick of 30 COD to 10 pounds, more than that in shorts, a Seabass, a dozen and a half big Ling, the Porgies, and a moderate amount of small (luckily) dogfish. The wind and rain really came on when we got back to the dock.

After Sandy - The Gambler NJ

Yazar: Admin, 3-01-2014, 00:09
The New Jersey Shore was truly devastated after Sandy and spending a good portion of my life fishing this area with my Dad since I was a young boy (I'm now 49), was something very difficult to see as I joined Capt. Mike Bogan and his crew aboard the party boat, The Gambler out of Pt. Pleasant NJ for my first Striper trip post Sandy.
The somber drive down to Pt. Pleasant which is maybe 45 minutes from my home was something I tried hard to prepare myself for but the carnage was very tough to see. The many people I became friends with that lost homes, businesses, and boats seemed unreal to fathom until I pulled into the Gambler parking lot across the street from the USCG station. There I spoke to Capt. Mike Bogan and his mates Todd and Chris as we just looked around at the blown out buildings, their sign which was half gone, and saw in their eyes that it was time to try and get back to normal.

Search Baits-Lures

Yazar: Admin, 3-01-2014, 00:09
Until a predator and bait-fish pattern is established at this time of year while fishing off a boat or kayak for example, it makes sense to bring an assortment of rod and reel combos as well as an assortment of lures and soft plastics if live bait is not your game.
Typically my lures are an assortment of deep divers like Stretch and Yo-Zuri's that range in 8-50ft depth ratings with the predominant colors being black over silver, blue mackerel,and gold. Soft plastics attached to an assortment of jig heads from 1/2 ounce to 4 ounces are typical on my boat. An assortment of Gulp! and Hogy lures in yellow, white, and amber cover a wide array of baits that are present which are peanut bunker, rainfish, sand-eels and mullet.

Show and Seminar Season 2014

Yazar: Admin, 3-01-2014, 00:08
A new season of Boat, Sportsman, and fishing shows is now quickly upon us and this helps bridge the gap of a cold winter here in the northeast until we get underway once again in March. Of course there are many like myself who participate in some cold water Cod and Ling trips to feed the addiction.
If you are looking to get a new boat, engine, upgrade your marine electronics, purchase a new rod or reel, come out and participate in many of the shows that come to our region each year. The seminars are outstanding and many of the local sharpies will share their knowledge and that along is worth the cost of admission. Plus, go with your fishing buddies and make a great day out of it.

the race

Yazar: Admin, 3-01-2014, 00:08
Over the years I have had the chance to fish all over the country and to fish with some of the best fisherman on the east coast. One thing always seem to be missing , nothing was ever perfect. Well 8 years ago I took my crew on our first trip aboard the BROOKLYN GIRL out ORIENT POINT NY, and what a trip it was we had five fish over 38 lbs with three over 40 and 1 over 50 lbs. this was one of those nights that you could do no wrong. The fish gods were with us on this night so as fisherman usually do we booked another trip as quick as possible. On that trip we had plenty of fish and even two in the high 30lb class but nothing like that first night. As the season rolled on we sailed about 10 times with CAPT.

New England with Jerry Vovcsko

Yazar: Admin, 21-09-2013, 09:03
Summer Isn't Over Yet

As coastal anglers, it's safe to say that most of us are anticipating a great fall run, but why rush it? The truth is, many of the summer species remain in our waters and will continue to hang around for at least another month. No matter how much we want the striped bass run to begin, it's at the very least, a solid month away. Sure, the mullet are beginning to make their way towards the inlets, but for every striped bass chasing those mullet, there are a 1000 snapper bluefish. With a little over a week left in the summer flounder season and a solid showing of 12 to 26-inch weakfish, I'm not in any rush to say goodbye to the summer season.

Capt. Ray and first mate Troy reported an outstanding day

Yazar: Admin, 20-09-2013, 14:12
Capt. Ray and first mate Troy reported an outstanding day of Porgy fishing today. Excellent action until about midday and a nice pick thereafter. Nice size stuff with the best approaching the two pound mark and a few nice size sea bass thrown in for good measure as well. Limit or near limit catches were the norm! Overall it has been a great week of porgy fishing and we look for that to continue tomorrow with the Admiral Frances set to sail at 7 am with Capt. Ray at the helm.

We would just like to take a few lines of space here to thank everyone who fished with us this past season on the 7 am to 4pm full day fluke/sea bass trip run by Capt. Rich Deluca. It was another great season with an incredibly strong late season finale drifting along side the Block Island Bluffs. Owner Christine Blount was on board yesterday and a few pictures showcasing just a few of the angler hi lights are shown above today courtesy of Mrs. Blount.